Mr. Ludo is a board game launching in September 2013 for Android and iOS platforms.

The game is inspired on classic Ludo which has its origins in India in the 6th century and was first named Pachisi. It is also known as Parchis or Parquez in Spanish speaking countries.

Mr. Ludo, our character, is the typical 9 to 5 guy, unhappy with his job. He finds himself trapped into the rat race, but one day he decided he had enough and he is set for the mission to break free from his miserable life.

He, of course, needs your help to get home and do the things he really loves. All you have to do is to get at least one other player to share the challenge with you, and that could be one of our Lu-Bots (the computer), any of your Facebook friends, or random people online. Up to 4 players can play at the same time, either on local or on-line modes. The team that manages to escape the office and arrive home earlier, wins the game.

The objective is to move all of your coloured pieces to their Home location. In a “Normal” match you must get all your 4 pieces home, but you can also play on “Express” offices, where 2 pieces are enough to win.

You must roll the number six to get a piece out of the office and into the Rat Race. If you land on one of your opponent’s piece, they will be sent back to work. Any time you roll a six or send an opponent back, you will be awarded an extra roll. Alternatively, if you are stuck in the office, you may use the button “VIP” which will get you out straight away, but you will need to use some of your coins.

Starting blocks (coloured blocks) are safe places and you can not be sent back to your desk. Once you get in your coloured home area, you must roll the exact number of spaces remaining to land on your Home location.

In Local Mode, you can test your skills against the Lu-Bots, and there are easy, medium and hard difficulty levels.

This is a classic Ludo game with personality, highly addictive dynamics, cool graphics and feel good music.

Have Fun!!!